Malice at the Cow Palace - Sept 9

I got to speak with Jeff Cairns the promoter for this event at the Cow
Palace in San Francisco on Sept 9th... here is the fight card:

185 Brain Ebersole vs. TBA
170 Jake Shields vs. Steve Berger
145 Urijah Faber vs. Randy Spence
155 Nam Phan vs. John Gunderson
HW Eli Joslin vs. John Murphy
175 Erik Ray vs. Richard Solis
170 Cassio Werneck vs. Jeremy Metcalff
175 Marlon Simms vs. Sal Guillena
155 Danny Marks vs. TBA
155 Dave McMillen vs. Mosses Baca

hey Brian E... have you found out yet who TBA is going to be?

This will be cool.. now with Strikeforce in San Jose and Malice at the
Cow Palace in SF.. I don't have to travel anywhere to get my MMA fix.

Damn, I saw Metallica there about 10 years ago!

Now there's fights....dammit!

Jeff's a good guy.  An SF cop, i think.

He is G-Hands..

I think he is on leave due to a work injury which has given him more time
to promote the show.

Where do you fight out of?

I hope to come in and dismantle shannon's cannon. He's not too dangerous without it. This will be my 50th MMA fight, so it truly humors me that Shannon may be my opponent. I'll surely enjoy my silver dollar.

"Where do you fight out of?"

I don't fight-- just train.  Used to be outta Fairtex in SF, but now at 10th Planet/Bomb Squad in LA. 

I met Jeff at FPU. 

G-Hands.. what did you think of FPU? Are you going to be putting on a
MMA promotion?

I don't know what they taught you guys but from talking with Jeff.. he
really seems to have a clear gameplan for the event.

Any show with Faber on it rocks.