Malice at the Palace info: Shields

Jake Shields won his fight, as most expected. He finished Burger by brutal beating in the middle of the second round (after beating him for the entire first round).

Otherwise the card was fine. Didn't really watch the fights because I was filming back stage most of the time. But as far as new promotions go this one ran pretty smooth.

However, I do know The Cannon finally got caught pulling a work and got fined and suspended by the California athletic commission. I was pleased about that.

Also Jake's Team Cesar Gracie team mate Moses, won his fight. Look for big things from that guy as the word backstage is he is imporving faster and faster each day.

Because I don't even know who that guy is and I have never seen him talked about on here. But yes, Ebersole was also fined and suspended as Cannon's opponent.

ebersole is kind of a big deal

A lot of fighters are "kind of a big deal"