manhattan bjj academies?

Marcelo Garcia and Renzo? Hard choice huh? How much does Renzo's Academy charge?

Marcio Santos, teaches at the Rod Rogers Dance Studio on E. 4th st. I train at Studio X, but I did train with Marcio for awhile and would recommend him. Really nice guy, very good teacher. He wasn't offering many classes, which is why I stopped going, conflicted with my work. Classes are $13 a pop, and there is no contract. I think he offers 3 classes a week, so if you go all 3 times every week of the month the price is $156/month. So its $25 dollars less a month if you are consistently training. As mentioned though the schedule is limited.


I like Ronin Athletics a lot

i believe Marcio's place was on East 4th (between 2nd and 3rd) the Rod Rogers Dance Company.

i'm not sure of the particulars or if he still teaches out of there, but if you call them up, they should be able to tell you when he's there.


i shot you an email. whats up?

ari2: so I can just walk in at one of Marcio Santos' classes? I can't find any website or email on him nor on the dance studio.

yea. there is not website or anything. call the dance studio. Or come to Studio X (my recommendation)

bily jee,

What's up Hershey's man? hehehe

Yeah. Marcio's a really good instructor. I attended a session with him. Thing is though it's in conflict with my schedule so I just decided to save up a lot of money and start training with Renzo's.

You won't go wrong with Marcio though. Tell him I said hi.