Manny Pacquiao was cheated

bullshit judging

there is bad judging in every sport that has judging, including boxing and NHB

boxing is by far the most corrupt though

marquez won every round after the first, i gave him a 10-8 also

No, Marquez did not win every round after the first. After the sixth or seventh round, Pacquaio finally stopped trying to look for one big left straight and out-boxed Marquez for quite a few rounds.

i heard that pacquiao was sufferinig from leg cramps and a broken hand...

this fight was awesome.

apart from the obvious 1st, Manny only won the 2nd and had a share of a later round (I forget which, sorry). Marquez won all the others and should definitely have gotten the decision

wishful thinking hayato...

bzgrappla and bald tony are both right

I cant believe I missed the fight. But being a Filipino myself, I would have to agree that Pacman was robbed.

Manny won that fight!