manny vs. morales=350,000 ppv buys

According to, pacquiao/morales 3 earned 350,000 PPV buys
It's an impressive number for a lighter weight fight(and the bout was heavily promoted to be one of the most anticipated fights this year),but I can't help but compare this to recent UFC ppV numbers, which have been reported to either been similar to, or exceeded the buys that manny/morales 3 got. Although I should note that UFC was on the same night as this fight.

What was the buy rate for GSP/Hughes 2, which happened on the same night?

Haven't read anything about it yet. It'll be interesting to see though; it could give an idea as to how many viewers the UFC siphoned off from this fight, or vice versa.

You also have to consider the fight. Although 350,000 is a good number, it is an excellent number considering most felt the fight was going to end in a knockout for Pac because most consider Morales to be shot after his loss to Raheem and then those thoughts were planted securely after the 2nd fight with Pac.

Also I feel boxing has more of a constant fan base than the UFC. What I mean is I know a lot of people that order one UFC PPV and then are so disappointed by it they never order again, but I know a lot of people that order any boxing PPV.

What is going to be interesting to see is if MMA going to Showtime will cause the UFC PPV numbers to drop. I bet it does in the long run, especially if Showtime puts on quality shows.

Anyone find out yet how many PPV buys the last UFC had?