many giving the finger to nate

if Nate was so an animal why didn't he react....

I am myself not a dude easy to pissoff but if someone come and flip me off in front of my face he better be prepaired to fight!!

how about Nate just went thru a tough practice while those other guys sat on their asses and he was tired?

Nate is the best fighter on the show and he will beat Maynard next week, IMO.

Manny seems like an over emotional guy. See episode 2 for more info.

It was a joke, I don't think he seriously meant to flip him off. If he did though, I have a feeling thats what that whole altercation with Karo and Nate could be about after Manny's fight, you never know.

It's called humour jujubre. Relax.

go to and watch the video "Nate trains with Penn" under Confessionals for the show

you can hear it from the horse's mouth

Manny was joking


the guy that yelled traitor cornered nate

that was Melendez, he actually cornered Corey. look at the extended scenes link. Nate requested that Geraghty and Weems be in his corner...

it looked like manny was kidding him to me.