Marc Laimons instructionals

Has anyone seen the instructional videos from On The Mat labeled as the Marc Laimons Remix videos? How are they and are any of them good for No gi grappling. Thanks



great vids.

I have a couple of them. They are great. Not a traditional instructional, but a composite of real moves done in tournaments. It is shown over and over again at different speeds. Cool music to.

It would be awesome to see Laimon do a full set of instructionals. He has crazy skill and is a great instructor.

While they're certainly not instructions in the usual sense, I've known several people who have claimed that they learned some good moves from watching them and that all the moves they learned actually worked on opponents who were resisting.

They're the only tapes I watch.

They are the best! I definately recommend getting all of them.

TTT for Marc making his own instructional video!

Is it true he has audio tapes where you can hear he him yell "PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE DARRELL!" over and over again?