Marcello Mello?

Does anyone know anything about him? He looked pretty good in his only MMA appearance in UFC.

I know a few guys that used to go down a train with him in Queens, NY. I think that he taught out of a raquet club or something.

They had nothing but good things to say about him.

he did a big double leg and landed some punishing blows. Did he ever fight again or before?

It was against David "Inoki" Roberts who I am fairly sure outweighed him.

I also liked him,slammed Dave and laid it to him...Roberts had like 7 inches of reach and a bit of weight on Mello,didn't matter...Mello is a warrior.

mello had to go back to brazil after the 9/11 attacks. i train in queens with one of his students carmine zocchi. they are actually trying to get him back to the states now. he is currently training with btt and recently fought in "jungle fight"? or something like that.