Marcelo Garcia / Avellans compete

The Submission Wrestling Open is tomorrow with the following matches and my picks. What are yours?

Purrumpinha vs Hansen: PURRUMPINHA by points

Pe De Pano vs Monson: MONSON by points

Marcelo Garcia vs Popovich: GARCIA by rear naked

Otto Olson vs Marcos Avellan: MARCOS by points

David Avellan vs Todd Margolis: DAVID by points

If Pablo comes in Fired up, watch out Marcelo. The Avellan Bros will win and the rest of ATT will also be victorious. I see that Charles McCarthy is fighting Friday nite and then the next day?. Very tough guy and good luck Charles. Go FLA boys!!!

My picks:

Purrumpinha vs Hansen: No Idea. Never seen either fight.

Pe De Pano vs Monson: Pe de Pano by triangle.

Marcelo Garcia vs Popovich: Marcelo by any submission he wants!

Otto Olson vs Marcos Avellan: Marcos by points

David Avellan vs Todd Margolis: The crafty veteran pulls it out; Margolis by points.

Hansen is out. Parrumpinha is fighting Katsuhiro Hirata (Japan Qualifier Champion, Tokyo, Japan) There is another thread w/ picks somewhere that Gumby started.


I really wish I could see the Garcia vs Popovich fight live! I hope Pablo shocks the world, but... Garcia by arm drag, to back, to rear naked. So far he's been unstoppable.

You will be able to get the DVD later.

Otto Olsen will probably win.

Terere's beaten Garcia twice (triangle and points) but that was with the gi. His only no gi loss is to Pe De Pano in the ADCC'03 Absolute.

Yeah Pe De Pano vs Monson is a tough call in that it could go either way.

Actually I'd like to pick Olson over Marcos now that I saw Olson's past grappling accomplishments.