Marcelo Garcia competes 2morrow...

ADCC'07 starts tomorrow w/ my picks to win the division. What are yours?

*** 65 kg ***

Leo Viera - to win it

his biggest threats....

Rani Yahrya

Baret Yoshida

Marcio Feitosa

Javi Vasquez

others in the division....

Sim Go

"Spider" DiCenso

Jeff Glover

*** 66-76 kg ***

Marcelo Garcia - to win it

his biggest threat....

Saulo Ribeiro

others in the division....

Mark Bocek

Pablo Popovich

Renzo Gracie

Dennis Hallman

Andre Galvao

Kron Gracie

Milton Veira

Kurt Pellegrino

Drew Fickett

Daisuke "Amazon" Sugie

Joe Stevenson

*** 77-87 kg ***

Damien Maia - to win it

his biggest threat....

David Avellan

others in the division....

Rafael Lavato Jr

Flavio Almeida

Rick Macaughley

Yushin Okami

*** 88-98 kg ***

Xande Ribeiro (unless Roger Gracie is in this division as well)- to win it

his biggest threats....

Alex "Cacareco" Ferreira

others in the division....

Misha Cirkunov

Robert Drysdale

Igor Vovchanchyn

Braulio Estima

*** 99 kg ***

Jeff Monson - to win it

his biggest threats....

Gabrial "Napao" Gonzaga

Pe De Pano

others in the division....

Elvis Sinosic

Josh Barnett

Roy Nelson

Rolles Gracie Jr

Ricco Rodriguez

**Superfight **

Roger Gracie vs Jon Olav Einemo (rematch where Einemo beat him on points)

Monson is out

And Galvao should also be considered "biggest threat" to marcelo. Man, too bad Feitosa is out, under 65 and under 76 are LOADED. Those are going to be some insane matches. If marcelo wins it, he'll be a living legend.

Garcia has already beaten Galvao 6 times, so I don't know how much of a threat he'll be.

Man I would love to see a Marcel Renzo rematch, also Saluo Marcelo would be amazing.