Marcelo Garcia dvd and Kukak???

Just curious if anyone has seen the new Marcelo Garcia Dvd's yet? Coming from World Martial Arts, I'm sure they are great, but just wanting some insight.

Also, on the Kukak A-Z, how good is the instruction on the arm drag. I'm really looking to add this to my game, but need some help.




The Marcelo Garcis tapes have not come out yet. I think Paul said they were sent out early December. Which is right now. So I'm sure you'll be seeing reviews by Christmas. They guaranteed dilivery before then.


I got the Marcelo Garcia vids its the shit, but if your asking I say get the kukuk,wouldn't want you learning some tite moves. lol.

There isn't any armdrag stuff on the Kukuk A-Z.

andreh did a review on of one of the garcia dvd's - he's in the process of review them all and posting on i eat chickens new website

Thanks for the responses.

I havent watched all of the Kukuk a-z, I remember seeing some arm drag stuff on one of the DVDS, If I get a chance I will go back and look for it, and let you know. One Sequence I remember is you arm drag, they show a counter he puts his leg up, you then sweep him by taking his leg and going in to him. Im pretty sure there is more, I found that sequence skimming throught the set.

Yes Kukuk has a lengthy segment on one of his guard DVDs on the arm drag. It's good. I haven't watched the Garcia set yet, but I imagine if you're only interested in arm drags, Garcia would be a better bet. But, Kukuk is at a much lower price and is good stuff for all positions.

How is the original series Kukuk was on with Renzo?