Marcelo Garcia/Macaco compete 2day

Submission Wrestling De Campos 3 is happening today and tomorrow. Here's some of the bigger names in each division with my picks. What are yours...

**Under 76kg**


Rany Yahrya (Brazil ADCC'03 Qualifier champ)

Marcelo Garcia (my pick to win the division)

**Under 87kg**

Jamelao (my pick to win the division)



**Under 105kg**



Cafe vs Riscado: CAFE by submission

Will someone please post results?

Marcello Garcia will win!

You're picking Jamelao over Macaco????

Do me a favor, take some deep breaths and get the oxygen going back to your brain. ;)

Go Macaco

TTT for updates

I have heard this Garcia guy is a pretty decent grappler? LOL

Jamelao beat Margarida on points back in 2000.