marcelo garcia signs w/heroes!

"couple months of training with henderson won't be a enough."

Depends on who his opponent will be!


There's even more one-dimensional guys than Garcia having success in MMA.

Don't forget his "one-dimensionalness" is the base of mma fighting (grappling), and he is one of the top competitors in the world at that.

Gameness is what will make or break him.

Agree with Goku.


Marcelo has no wrestling? I could have sworn I just saw him taking down Kurt Pelligrino at ADCC...

Like I've always said, his wrestling is D1 level.

Even if he loses, it doesn't matter. There is always a transitional period when entering MMA.

Just think of an MMA star transitioning to adcc.

They will adapt if they are talented, and he is defintely that.

lol @ gameness

what is he a pitbull?


"...the base of mma fighting " exactly.

I thought Marcelo already made his MMA debut?

Garcias transition game is ridiculous.

I think he is going to do fine in MMA.

Getting owned is out of the question, I would just like to know who his first opponent is going to be.

some japanese fighter


good for heroes,good for Garcia,and good for me.........

Why heroes though, what a waste of talent in a crap org.