marcelo garcia signs w/heroes!

the worlds greatest sub guy will debut on 9-17-07 for the heroes promotion

he is currently training with dan henderson!


Read the whole thing dummy he siad he is training with henderson

and training w/dan is a win-win for both guys!

This is great, I can not wait. Training with Shawn Tompkins at TQ Temulca will be sure to help his striking.


ttt for marcelo

i read it sideways sorry

"No wrestling, gonna get pwned."

His wrestling is excellent.

I agree... I think his biggest X-factor is his chin.

Then again, if he's taking backs, and something tells me he will be, that might not be too much of a problem.

Yeah Marcelo can wrestle. I'm not saying he'll be the king at 170, but he should transition too MMA pretty well.

Very few decent guys for him to fight in Heros. Hopefully he will be in the UFC after he gets some experience.

Any word on who his opponent might be, and at what weight (since K-1 doesn't have an official 170 division)?

I'm also hoping he ends up in the UFC after a couple fights in K-1.

LOL about Marcelo getting owned.

Watch him fight gi. Then watch him fight no gi. Then watch him finalize everyone in his weight division. Then, and only then, ask yourself a couple of intelligent questions about how a competitor of this caliber might just alter his training and approach when he decides to enter a new sport.


i thought he was more like 155? oh well, he still rules.

He's pretty stocky. I don't think he could fight at 155 unless he loses alot of weight, especially in the legs.

I actually dont remember seeing Marcelo ever being taken down

If someone is ballsy enough to shoot on him, Marcelo will catch his neck with a guilotine

If they stand, im sure the greatest submission grappler in the world can figure a way to take it to the ground

Hes bringing BJJ back to MMA

He's gonna make a smooth transition. He's got the right training partners.

What will be interesting is to see if his grappling theories (be first w/ putting ur opp. on the defensive) will cross over to his stand-up game.

hes gonna be a force