Marcelo Garcia submitted Andre Galvao at yesturdays Brasilero tournament!

Brasilian Nationals tournament is this weekend and they fought on the way to the finals of the division.

Marcelo will face former team mate and friend Damian Maia in the finals today.

However, Marcelo may have a rematch with Andre Galvao today as well as they compete in the regular division

im folllowing it too bro.. last of the mohickans we are rick :) bjj is on the rocks.

Marcelo is amazing...

Marcelo is the greatest grappler currently competing other than Roger Gracie.

He is a true jiu-jitsu fighter. Yes he is strong but does not use just his stregth. Yes he knows takedown, but chooses to outsmart people with armdrags and taking the back rather than use GRRRRRh like Jacare!

His competition record speaks for itself. Do not miss a chance to train with him

Hes moving to NYC very soon!

He placed gold in his division AND the Absolute of the Brasilero!!!

Its amazing because he did this after touring Europe!


Marcelo is a stallion ,to think he is only 23-24.

Im watchig too boys!!!


Hopefully those matches end up on the net somewhere or even better a DVD!!!

How did the fight go any video?

Marcelo is definitely the sickest grappler but galvao got game too they are going battle for long time to come. My two favourites BJJ guys act Marcelo a liltle more. hope they fight again

It's gotta be hard to be in Marcelo's weightclass. Come to think of it it must be hard to be in the absolute class with Marcelo too!!!

Galvao put up a good fight for sure. I can watch those guys fight all day and not get bored.

A friend of mine who used to train with Galvao always predicted to me that if these two fought, Marcelo would always come out on top. Reason, Galvao seems to have a weakness when it comes to x-guard and having his back taken

I guess he knew what he was talking about

Marcello is just amazing.