Marcelo Garcia

We had MArcelo Garcia over in the UK for a weekend of seminars and I gota say, the guy is amazing! Realy nice guy with masses of technique. Well recomended if you ever get the chance to train with him!

Quick vid of the man in action against Vitor Ribiero. Watch closely cos it dont last long!

Marcelo in the UK!

kying418 - Marcelo in the UK!

Yes, he was over in Brighton for the weekend doing a seminar for and

Damian Maia is next.

How was the seminar? A lot of people?

Seminar was excellent thanks! Marcelo was great, very humble likeable guy, very polite. Was amazing on the mat, realy on another level. Was a good turnout, we capped the seminar at 50 for each day and most were able to come along, some got snowed in and couldnt make it unforunately...

Was easy to see why Marcelo is ADCC champion, he was so natural on the mat, made it look so easy, like he wasnt even trying!

Should be another one on the way for anyone in the UK interested. PM me for details and I will send them when booking.

Theres some pics here

Damian MAia seminar next...!