I just read some where that MARCELO GARCIA beat Wagnney Fabiano!! Way too go!!

Isn't there quite a size difference between the two ?


rock_o you are missing the facts.
Garcia, was easily the most dominant guy in the division did not fight Wagnney. Wagnney was injured after dominating Daniel Moraes, the last guy to beat Garcia ( 2003ADCC Brasil qualifier), and so to have a final they agreed on a fake fight. As for the size difference Wagnney is probably giving away 10-15 pounds, but Garcia's game is so awesome that weight may have very little to do with how well Garcia would do. Congrats Marcello!! Although I am pretty sure he won't see this, and if he does,I am sure that since I shook his hand like 5 times he's tired of me now (not that anyone on this forum would know the feeling).

Good post KashK.... It didn't really matter that Garcia won because we know who the real champ is! Wagnney is so underrated but his skills are so amazing. His standup skills are incredible for a jiujitsu guy. Please tell him congratulations from the Regina boys!

Joe B


Nice post. Professor Fabiano does have skills that are among the best in the world without question.


". . . he's tired of me now (not that anyone on this forum would know the feeling"

not possible :)

I've had Leo Vieira, Romero "Jacare" and Matt Thornton try to run away from me 'cause I wouldn't leave them alone. The only reason Shaolin didn't do that to me was because he's too nice of a guy to hurt anyones feelings ;)


LOL ... I guess Kashk must be in a different league of ass-kisser than you cause Shaolin had no trouble telling him how he felt about him.

hahah not surprised mza would point that out!


Maz lol !!

I have much to learn from Master Kaskk

Somebody please steal Mick Foley's keyboard! am I missing the facts? It seems that your the only one that knows it was a fake fight!

rock_o talk to Jacare the head of Alliance. I was right next to him when the arrangements were made.


ttt for ATT

Fake fight? Why would they do that, this isnt the WWF...

So what happened in this fake fight?

Wagnney was too injured to contest the final, but Relson Gracie insisted that Wagnney must compete in the final. Nobody wants to see a guy get more injured, so they did what they did to help Wagnney out.

Marcello Garcia is awesome. He is the number 1 guy in the world at the weight in No-Gi.

I would love to see that fight happen when Wagnney is healthy.

It is also amazing how well Canadians, native and adopted, are doing on the world stage.

Rene r., me too, but for now we can look forward to Arnold gracie champion Marcello Garcia competing again in GQ in Vegas.