Marcelo Perdomo..Long Beach

Anybody on this board know anything about him, or trained with Perdomo in Long Beach, Ca? I have seen what is on the internet, but wanted to know personal opinions or anything that people themselves might know.

Good to know he is likeable...Anybody else have any info?

Cool guy. Carlson Black Belt, so he is legit. I would go check out a class.

ttt for more info

I am interested in the school too. It is just down the street from me. More
infor would be appreciated: How is the atmosphere? How is the muay thai,
boxing and bjj class?

Everytime his name has come up in conversation it has been about him being good and a cool guy.

Want to know what the impressions are of his school? How he is as a instructor? Personal impressions? Etc...


I trained with him a couple of times while I was in Cali on business. Taught me a really cool pass from half guard. Nice gym. Was just opening up when I was there. I'd train with him again.

He's a very cool guy, good teacher too. And yeah, his english is just fine.

Met him back in '98 when he was with Francisco Bueno. I don't train with him but some black belts I know say that he has evolved into a fantastic coach. Definetly worth checking out if you are in the area.

tap0utartist, wheres the gym located, I live in Norwalk, thx in advance ...

The gym is in Long Beach, CA. Its a great place to train with friendly helpfull people and Marcelo is the man. Ive never had ANY complaints.

Has it moved from across Long Beach State uni?

"Has it moved from across Long Beach State uni?"

Yeah we moved into the new gym, its on 7th & Junipero in Long Beach. has all the info

The cost for training at BTT is $100/unlimited Brazilian jiu jitsu or $150/unlimited muay thai, boxing, no gi, and bjj. Met Marcelo yesterday and to be honest, he was really mellow and modest.

Very good teacher very detaled. He was with carlson but left when Bustamate left and got his BB from Busta.  He's part of BTT. If I lived in the area i would definatly  be training there.

ttt for any Carlson BB

what's the drop in rate?