Marco Soares???

He has never fought has he? I know he has trained some
good guys but he is pretty much just BJJ right?

I'm not sure if he has ever fought.
He must do some MMA because I see him in Kang's corner all the time in Pride events.

marcus knows his shit.

marcus has trained a lot of mma, and produced world class mma fighters. i don't think professional fighting was a common thing to do during the time when he was young enough to compete.

If you are looking for information on Marcus Soares.

review the link:

Marcus Soares is good man on and off the mat. During his prime in Brazil there were no organized, sanctioned NHB fights. However, Carlson would often have closed door matches at his academy for his main team members, and he faced many tought tests back then. Marcus is a master trainer and a gentleman. On another issue- I also recall a former thread about his not rolling with students. Well, I can state to the fact that in 1998-2000 I rolled with Marcus and gladly tapped each time- you do not want this man locking on a choke! Marcus referred to this as "school training": basically a respectful roll trying to encorporate the techniques he just taught me.


sanguebom, some of the info on that link is outdated. his current website is

it should also be noted that marcus is no slouch on the takedowns either, i believe he went through university on a judo scholarship. and after spending 35 years in the upper echelons of the fight game you better believe he has a good sense for coaching mma strategy as well.

Thanks for the update on the site.

The site is good but needs updating. Some links don't work and some links are just weird. Like when you go to School Affiliates and the title of the page is "Just for Dentists - accounting services for dentists."

I'd like to know more etc. Who does the site?

Stephan Kesting is one of his affiliates in Vancouver. Perhaps you can e-mail Stephan for information.

Check out his site.