FFA Black Belt & co-head instructor Marcos Avellan will be in Ottawa Sunday, June 4, 2006. He will be there on personal business but will be free on Sunday to host a seminar or do privates.

Marcos has amassed an incredible list of victories in submission grappling with wins against many top BJJ black belts. He holds multiple titles in organizations such as NAGA and GQ - with his most prestigious title being the ADCC North American Trials Champion.

Here is a link to his highlight video and his bio.

Marcos has done over a dozen seminars in the past few years across the United States and in Canada - with raving reviews.

If anyone in the area is interested, please contact Marcos at 305-793-8564 or by email at

For those interested in hosting a seminar, the host school will not be required to pay for airfare and hotel, therefore the seminar cost will be significantly less than usual.

Thanks a lot!


Can a blue namer please help out and post the link for me ;)




Congrats on the wedding Rima!



Thank you so much Mike!!!

Congrats to you & Rebecca on her most recent mma win! Wow, she's a real warrior!




hello ,
if your bored and you want to do something while in town , we can go for a beer , or wrestle in the backyard or both . either way i will be here on the fourth . have a safe trip .

Thanks Rima for putting up the post :)

eDraven, thanks for the offer but I'll be hanging out with my brother and sister in-laws. I don't get to see them often, plus my mom-in-law makes really great lebanese food! ;) But maybe if I can pull off this last second seminar, we can meet up and roll a bit.

And thanks to everyone else for keeping the post up, thanks Claude Patrick, Gracie killar, Mike Sweeney, and AbsoluteBjj!

Marcos Avellan is an awesome grappler to watch. Either of the Avellan brothers are good and if anyone decides to host a seminar, I will try to make it out. They have awesome wrestling and slick ground games and have fought and beaten the best grapplers from all over the place.