Marcos Estrada BillBoards Everywhere...

In Chicago for the USMC!!!

Jay Estarda's Bro who has fought b4 is the poster boy for the Marines in Chicago. I have trained w/ Marcos in the past and am very proud of him.

Too bad I have to see his ugly mug on every billboard I pass.


Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

see him fight Sept 20th at the Hammond Civic Center

That's awesome.

Thanks for the Vid.

TTT for the Marines and Marcos Estrada!



He has a few other fights on Youtube.

Billboards to feature two Chicago Marines

I didn't realize ABC did a story on him and the other marine back in May.

^Great Piece.

Congrats again, Marcos!

Support this thread U commies!


i just saw the one on Pershing today.

he looks less gay than Jay although that's not saying much.

Definitely not saying much!!


Those are the same billboards he use to TAG back in the day!!!

^LOL! No shit? Marcos, a tagger? I wouldn't have ever guessed that.

Why the hell hasn't Jay posted on here yet?





^My Man.