Margarida - The Complete Lesson

The set is on sale for $125.00. It is almost 7 hours in a 2 DVD-9 set. It has his fights against Saulo in the Mundial 2001 (Absolute and Weight Class) and a fight against Gordo.

The set is largely made up of Submissions, and includes Escapes, Opening the Close Guard, Passing the Open Guard, Passing the Half-Guard, and Sweeps.

People who ordered the first set will be emailed a special discount code which can only be used once. I will give the price of the 1st set off on this set.

Goto to order.

Mundial 2004 next week. 8 hours which includes the Finals, Best Moves, and Best Fights.

hip hip hoooraaayy!

How much is it for guys who already bought the first Margarida DVD?

Awesome! Cant wait to see em!

I'm still waiting for my discount code. Please hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the guys who already bought them it will be

The next instructional will be Feitosa's on DVD, but I will add 4 additionals hours to the set. 2 hours will a documentary showing Marcio teaching at Gracie Barra and his training. It will also show him teaching 8 to 10 lessons in the academy. It will also show Pe de Pano, Carlos Gracie Jr, Rolls Gracie, Jr. and Marcio training. The other 2 hours is Marcio and Pe de Pano getting ready for the Mundials 2003 - their thoughts and strategies.

The total set will be about 7 hours.

Pe de Pano isntructionals should be out at the end of October.

Have the discount codes been sent out?

Also, do the people that already purchased the feitosa vhs version get a discount?

Hurry up before my wife confiscates my credit card!!

I bought the feitosa tapes through budovideos. Is there a DVD discount for those also?

Yea.. there will be some sort of a discount. I will have to figure it out.

The Feitosa set has been one of my all time favorite gi sets eva.

Well, you will like DVD set since it shows Carlinhos and a bunch of others training.

The X-Guard was shown by Feitosa on the VHS set and that was several years ago.. who the hell invented that guard anyway?


Have the discount codes been sent out yet? Because I haven't received it and I'm on your mailing list and have purchased the initial Marg 2 vol. dvd.

When do you estimate you'll have the Feitosa on DVD? That sounds like a great set, especially with all the additional footage... I'll be picking that one up!

Just got the code and the order is on the way!!! yippee!


Does Feitosa's set include his guard pass counters?

hey i emailed you guys with a question i had, hope to hear from you soon

Feitosa's whole set will be on there.

You will like the set since it shows Marcio in a different light. He is a top notch champion, yet he doesn't take himself very seriously. It is evident in the jokes that he makes all the time.