Mark Boots Holst wins in Vegas

Tonight Mark Holst stepped in the ring with his toughest Challenge yet. He fought Mark Beecher who is a popular Muay Thai fighter here in Vegas and was the striking coach for Forrest Griffins team on the most recent ultimate fighter...

Boots floored Beecher four times in the opening round and after the second knockdown in round two the referee was forced to stop the fight Boots by dominating TKO in round#2 I would like to thank everyone back at OAMA for holding down the shop while we are away. Next up for OAMA is Mundials next weekend in LA see everyone there


CONGRATS to BOOTS and the OAMA team!!!!!

Now just try to watch the weight as you celebrate LOL!!!

Congrats Boots and OAMA. You are the man!!!

 Well done Boots.  I'm bummed that I missed it.  Enjoy the after-party...


Steve H



That's a pretty big win, congrats

Congrats Boots!

Is there any video of the fight?


good job BOOOOOOOOTS!!!!!

Next up Freedom Fight July 26

Holst x Donaldson will be a war!!!!



cool pics...I was looking for them and couldnt find any!!!



 go to and all pics from the XFA card are up there