hi i see this guy has made alot of videos on old school boxing and wrestling"western martial arts"

is he for real or a fake???

alot of people seem to people say he a good coach and researcher etc

I got a book  from him, it's decent, but basic.

Everything i've ever heard has been good.

he makes a good hat, I can tell you that.

his stuff is solid

I like all of hatmakers stuff!

He's fantastic, heres some of his work:

"he makes a good hat, I can tell you that."

True, dat!

I'm wearing one now!

If i had my choice of E. Bravo versus Hatmaker as my private no gi instructor for life, I would pick Hatmaker."


the one instructional i saw was pretty awful....

Well. Eddie would most likely wipe the mat w/Hatmaker. HOWEVER, I can't imagine someone using Eddie's game past 40 years old. Too much emphasis of flexibility in my humble opinion.

Hatmaker has awesome books and from what I've seen his videos
are decent as well.

He seems really knowledgeable and explains things clearly.

One of the only guys to focus exclusively on MMA/No-gi fighting
at all levels and do it well.

I think think his first sub wrestling book is good (but basic).

I've seen one of his vids, it looked ok from what i saw.

The main criticisms i've seen against him are that he tends to say "they way im showing is much better then other coaches/bjj etc."

But at the same time, no one from his school seems to compete and therefore prove his methods are better. Or at the least , none are high profile competitors.

Damn, that guy sure makes some wicked hats!

I'm with Indrek on this. It seems that these threads are often jammed full of fans of Hatmaker's material.

From a BJJ perspective, I didn't like any of it. I have seen the same material elsewhere and presented better. Don't care for the books either.