Mark Hunt calls Dana White 'idiot' who stole from MMA to build the UFC

He was opressed

This guys is the fakest victim going in MMA. Took on Brock knowing he was sauced and even talked about it saying he is still gonna KO him. He fought BigFoot and Mir prior and then Allistar after. Then gets a huge pay increase and makes bank, essentially compare to his peers. I’ll say his beatdown of Lewis in hindsight is very impressive

This post is correct

No it’s not. If he was fighting for what’s right he’d be fighting so we the fans don’t have pay for PPVs to watch guys with losing records fight

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“Dana growing the sport my ass Pride was already around for 4 years before egg became president of the UFC.”

You don’t agree that the sport is much, much, much bigger today than it was umpteen years ago when you were watching Pride? That comment makes no sense to me. Of course he grew the sport… immensely.

Of course Egg has helped the sport unlike any other but his motivation was always business that’s why I said grow the sport my ass.

If he cared about the actual sport they would give title shots based on meritocracy. (and pay)

He wouldn’t have fired guys like Fitch, Volkmam or Okami who were clearly top 10.

We would see tournaments where the best guy wins regardless of his trash talking ability.

Everything would be more like a real sport.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy some of the entertainment stuff just like the next guy and I get it they do it for a reason, just pointing out the hypocrisy.

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That makes sense. Thanks for the clarity.