Mark Kerr vs Ciryl Gane

Who you got?

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A Time Machine

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Mark Kerr smashes Gane imo

Gane got out wrestled by a one legged Ngannou and submitted instantly by Jones
Kerr has wins over Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and is an ADCC HOFer

Gane ain’t stopping that takedown

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How did Gane make it so far with such weak grappling?

I don’t think he fought a wrestler really until Jon but he’s a good enough striker in a weak time for the HW Division to stay around the top

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Kerr got BROKEN by Igor…BROKEN by Heath Herring. BROKEN by Fujita.

You can argur about who is a more dangerous standup striker, Igor Vovchanchin or Cyril I suppose…but Cyril is naturally bigger and more athletic than Kerr Igor

Agreed Gane absolutely wreaks him with ease. Defends the take down and tko’s Kerr

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Imagine what Gane would look like without usada. Would probably be too much for Kerr

Mark Kerr submitted Josh Barnett in ADCC. That is super impressive.

Kerr at his peak was the best. His problem was his mental game. He was his own worst enemy. That was part of why he got on the gear and got himself mentally dependent on all that shit. Natural non juicing Kerr was a freak of nature who came close to being an Olympian.


Kerr would be fucked if he didn’t get it to the ground fast. Prime Kerr might do it, or he might not. I’d bet on Gane. He’s better than Igor

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This. Gane whoops his ass on the feet before Kerr gets a chance to take him down.

Kett never beat anyone of note in MMA. There’s a reason he avoided all the top heavyweights in the UFC when he was there and a soon as he faced anyone in Pride, he lost.

Basic MMA footwork has really evolved in the past 20 years. Kerr wouldn’t be able to double leg Gane and would be a punching bag. Ngannou caught Gane off guard because he trained for a striking match.