Mark Tripp?

First, thank you all for your kind words

Second, now you see why I stay in the shadows.

Third, the story is told often, and it is BS.

In that event, it had nothing to do with me, but rather my Uncle
Tom and his son Ted. Neither was ever an pan am champion. As
is usually the case in these stories, a simple workout became a
title match. Ted threw people all over the place, they hung on and
after a Judo ippon score (Sport Judo is all Ted ever did) then
attacked on the ground and got submissions.

For a more objective study of how effective my school and people
have been against BJJ/GJJ people, in a contest where BOTH sides
undersood it was a contest, we can talk about the Roop event
where Royce Gracie was there assisting the local GJJ school against
my school.

I seem to recall, but I do have the tape, that things didn't go well
for them that night.

However, as you can still see, there is a clear reason why I usually
do not come here and read. There are still too many draining
people who feed on the negitive.

So, and for some time to come, I return once more to the

However, sick or well, if someone wants to play, I will be there personally on Saturday...

I like Coach Tripp...he might be a bit bias at time but he is a real deal with loads of insight on judo as well as combatives...Good luch coach

I believe you wixom. If it was Ted Tripp he definitely is not a pan am champ but rather is a tough state level type of judoka. He is a good guy, tough competitor but his whole game is stand up and he knows very little newaza and avoids it at all costs. So it is not suprising at all that he was submitted by anyone with any skill on the mat and that is why I believe there is truth in what you assert.

Trust me on this: if there was a pan am silver medalist at your dojo you would have been in awe.

well, you said boys.. so, im gonna assume that it could have been a junior.. maybe 18 years old. so, let me think here.

around those years (93-95) i was in HS.. and the jr. pan-am/world teams didnt have anybody from MI on them. neither, as far as i am aware did the senior teams.

makes no sense to me if you are gonna stick to the pan-am medallist thingie. you sure it was judo? could it have been sambo? its a much smaller sport in the US than judo (hard to belive i know, but true) and i cant for the life of me think of half the guys who made what team in that. i think adrian serrano was on the sambo teams back in those years, but he was from WI.


Good Luck Coach Tripp!

wixom ....

= Edited to remove the cussing =

I had the pleasure of training with Mark in Windsor. He is a great person and excellent coach. I hope you well soon, sir.

You know what, I don't give a shit if you have a problem with Mark, But when this thread was brought up, it was concerning his health(which is life threatening) that strikes a nerve with me. If you have a F%$^%$@king problem with keeping negativity off a thread when someone is talking about a life threnating illness in regards to Mark I take PERSONAL and serious offese to that. If your sick mind needs a adjustment I'd have no quams about about doing so.
I'm easy to find.


The Tripp family is the best people I've ever worked with. It saddens me to think that such ill will is being voiced in a thread that was concerning his health.

To the naysayers, I say go to his club. What's the worst thing that can happen? You might learn something from one of the most technical coaches around.

If not, then stay away from there. I'd assume your kind wouldn't be welcome, anyway. Too much negativity tends to kill morale.

- Mark W

Agreed with Chzog 120% on this. This is not about BJJ vs Judo or whatever school against Tripp. It is about his health, if you are concerned like the rest of us, say it...if not, skip the thread!

This is for those who knew who Mark Tripp is, either personally or those who have been here long enough to know the man. (I am sure Mr.Tripp doesn't even remember my screen name since I rarely post but I do respect him a lot)

wixom, what is your name? I find it funny you have been talking shit on me on other threads and are from my home state. Do you still live here (and if not,are you coming back?) I want to know because I want to roll with you.

Btw, I rolled submission with Ted Tripp and tapped him about 15 times in a row...Yet, I have two losses against him in sport judo..You should have asked him to show you his tai o toshi, or some footsweep techniques but instead it seems you got nothing out of training with him. Open your mind next time and you will be better for it.

Let me know when you are back in Michigan.

best of luck to you Mark

hi all happy new year and best wishes to everyone on the forum...
just as a point of reference, no challenges here or slag talking to anyone...

this place is clean and it is going to remain this way...

as always, differing views, biases towards fighters and styles is ALWAYS welcome, but baseless personal attacks have no place here...

thanks for your co-operation,