Marti Malloy Facebook Page

USA Judo Athlete Marti Malloy created a Facebook page this week.  Here is a link to it.

Marti will be representing the USA at the 2012 Olympics.  She is currently ranked 10th in the world.  She had an outstanding tournament at the Paris Grand Prix, placing 3rd.  I think she has a good chance to medal in London.

I've followed her career since 2005 when I first saw her compete at the Golden State Open, and knew from that day,  that she would make it to the Olympics. She's a smart and tenacious competitor.  She's a recent graduate from SJSU and just an overall great young lady.  Definitely the kind of young athlete who deserves some support.

If you have a facebook account, please click her "like" button and show some support for her achieving all her ambitions in London. If you can share it with friends, even better.

Marti is a machine. People just do not understand how unreal she is as an athlete to be ranked where she is in the world. She got screwed out of the bronze medal at the last worlds.

Maybe after the Olympics she could do some seminars across the US so the judoka(like me) who arn't that familar with her as much as the other Olympians get a chance to learn and appreciate what she has done in judo.

she has been doing seminars. you just need to contact SJSU...

I'll mention it to my Sensei and see if this is a possibilty after the Olympics. Thanks,

San Jose Mercury News did a nice article on Marti this week.

Very nice article. I will talk to my sensei and see if we can get her in for a seminar after the Olympics. The best seminars I have attended were by our USA judo athletes.