Martin Kampmann back in the UFC...bad idea?

i don't get how losing to Marquartd makes you prone to fighting at the 185 lbs and having to move to 170.

condit is no joke either. what happens if he loses? no more WEC to move down to. i don't see him winning this fight.

Here are some of the highlights:

"The MMA Fiend: Alright, I’ll just get right into it. You mentioned that -

Martin Kampmann: It’s not radio, right?

The MMA Fiend: No, it’s not radio.

Martin Kampmann: Cuz I’m almost done with my burrito here, so I hope you don’t mind if I’m finishing it up."

lmao I dunno, that part just struck me as funny.

Here's what he said about Condit:

"The MMA Fiend: Without giving away your gameplan, how are you approaching this fight with Condit?

Martin Kampmann: I’m just looking at what he’s good at. He’s got dangerous submissions from the ground, and he’s got dangerous knees in the clinch. And he’s got long, lanky arms and dangerous stand-up. He’s got a long reach. So that’s pretty much what I am trying to work on, you know, to come up with a plan to put him away.

Martin Kampmann: This is your second fight at 170, are you comfortable making the weight now? Is it pretty easy for you?

Martin Kampmann: Yeah, no problem at all, it’s very easy.

The MMA Fiend: Considering Condit is coming in as the WEC Welterweight Champion and the fact that this is the first time you will be headlining a event in the UFC, is there any added pressure? Or is it just any other fight to you?

Martin Kampmann: You know, once you are in there and you’ve got another guy punching you, it’s a fight like any other fight. Of course it’s great to be a main event, but once the fight is going on, it’s a fight like all the other fights.

The MMA Fiend: How do you see the fight with Condit going?

I'm stoked to see condit in the UFC. he gets a lot of hype and I haven't had a chance to see many of his WEC fights.

 I think that Kampman will upset condit

He's a good fighter. How could it be a bad idea?

I got Kampmann by Tko, but could see it going either way

very happy to see Condit in the UFC, there are some excellent match-ups for him there

Kampmann can be dangerous for anyone tho

this is a good fight

Ryase - I think Marquardt's annihilation of Kampmann says more for Nate than it does Martin.Kampmann has put a hurting on just about everyone he's fought (at 185), and got completely thrashed by Marquardt, who just did the same thing to another good fighter. Nate has stepped up to a whole new level, and Kampmann is now fighting at the correct weight. I don't know why people are talking down on him. His only loss is to the #2/#3 WW in the world.

Great post, cant say I disagree with you one bit. The dude has a chin too, he took some vicious shots from Drew McFredries, and also landed some nice ones himself. IMO I dont see how Condit can win this fight.

 You can't extrapolate a ton from Marquardt vs. Kampmann, Nate is a great striker, and he landed a powerful shot and hurt Kampmann.  From there it was as good as done.  It doesn't mean Kampmann is overrated or anything dumb like that, he's a great fighter who ate a shot from a guy who hits retardedly hard.

This is a stupid post.

He dropped weight because he literally didn't cut at all to make 185. The guy beat up a lot of guys who by fight time outweigh him by 15 lbs.

I'm really glad that he moved to 170. I think he'll be a force there. Also, he WON his first ww fight by TKO already.

It boggles my mind that people are actually writing Kampmann off.

A good big guy beats a good little guy and Nate was way bigger. 170 will fit Kampman size better...

I don't think many people are counting Kampmann out, considering he's the favorite at almost all of the books.

Kampmann takes this.

Kampmann by hit

Condit is very game. i like this matchup. and love seeing Carlos in the UFC.

Kampmann told me just the other day he walks around at 181 right now. That's even small for welter, compared to what guys cut these days. I haven't seen much of condit but I'm really looking forward to it. I don't think any of those guys are going anywhere even if they loose this one, they're both quality fighters who finish most of their fights.

 Kampamann is easily one of the best strikers at ww.  This fight is tough to call.  Great main event.

I think people will be surprised by how much better Condit looks in this fight.

this will be fight of the night. we are ready for a War.

AZ Combat Sports - this will be fight of the night. we are ready for a War.

 who are you again?