Mary Jane & The Cancer

A good friend of mine passed on this morning.
The brother of one of my best friends.

He died from a brain tumor.

Discussed it here before....His father is one of the UK's leading cancer professors.

Sam' believed, with his whole heart that he could fight the cancer with diet, positive thought and marijuana.

His father wasn't convinced...but he wasn't going to stop his son from trying:

My thoughts are with him and his lovely family.
Please, at least for today, don't post some stupid shit about marijuana curing cancer....evil big pharma' and least not without a thought for Sam'.

Mary J doesn't cure cancer...not even love can cure cancer and that is a fuck of a lot more powerful.

Sorry for your loss. Cancer is a mother fucker

I'm sorry

Sorry to hear... my thoughts go out to you and his family. :( Phone Post 3.0

I'm sorry for your loss. Phone Post 3.0

:( I'm so sorry. Phone Post 3.0

Awful.. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry to hear this. Thoughts and condolences to family and friends.x Phone Post 3.0

Really sorry mate. Seemed like a nice lad. Condolences to the family also. Fuck cancer!

I hear you, my friend, and I'm sorry for your loss.
My step-sister just got diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sorry for your loss. Here's a feel good story about how cannabis can cure: Phone Post 3.0

Sorry for your loss. I watched the videos and I got the impression he was an intelligent guy, and admirably restrained in the face of the (sickeningly saccharine and off the point, in my opinion) TV presenters. It's good that he was able to fight the disease in the way he wanted to.

Juno Leed - I had a sister who passed from cancer. It's a very terrible disease, and I think hospitals and doctors are not using the proper medication for cancer patients. Natural medicine has been proven to be more effective them modern medication against cancer and other diseases.

can you explain and maybe show evidence of this? Im NOT trying to call you out, Im just generally interested. The thought has always crossed my mind as to what I would do if God-forbid I was ever in that situation. Chemo itself seems like a nasty situation. Prayers and positive thoughts for all of you. 

My fiance's dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer during a routine checkup. Went in, and they told him he needed to get his affairs in order because obviously he didnt have long.


They put him on an ultra aggressive routine of chemo stacked with radiation. He lost 80lbs and a big chunk of his colon. 

He forced himself to exercise every day.

Sloan Kettering(sp?) fucking leveled the cancer in his body to a degree that was baffling even to the doctors at SK.

No homeopathic bullshit, or feel-good folk remedies. 

He was a mess for like the better part of a year.

Hes been cancer free for years now and is the most active guy youve ever seen for 60 years old.

So add that to the mix of stories you hear.

Oh and insurance tried to screw them and have them empty their life savings even though they were insured. And super high up guys had to make threatening phone calls so the insurance company wouldnt just let him die.

Horrible situations like cancer require the best of what the best human minds have to offer. 


You have my most sincere condolences.

RIP Phone Post 3.0

Damn bro. Sorry to hear that. Phone Post 3.0

I had a cancer scare not long ago, luckily they got it early and I was fine but it was def scary. Sucks that after all these years they still haven't found a cure.

Sorry for your loss Phone Post 3.0

Sorry for your loss and to the top for the man that fought his ass off for his life! Phone Post 3.0

Rip Phone Post 3.0

My condolences, f cancer.

(I think more research on cbd's could yield some interesting results) Phone Post 3.0