Mask Bumpers

 Not sure how many people noticed, as I did not either, but the UFC had a tribute bumper above the fighter entrance. Lorenzo pointed this out on a thread last night, but thought I'd find some pics to share.

 Very Classy

 That's awesome!




justcron - I dont get it, it looks like a romo

 That's just because he highlighted it for you.

Yeah I didn't notice it either untill Lorenzo posted about it. I believe it's going to stay there as well which is great.

very cool, like hanging a retired jersey

I didn't notice them last night, but those are very cool. Great job by everybody last night recognizing "Mask" and his contribution!

That is a nice tribute to an MMA pioneer.

cool! xoxo

If it stays there for every event that would be ultimate tribute you can't top that. Having Mask's name on the entrance door of the cage gave it a lot of meaning and if it continues to stay there that would show that he was a huge part of the sport but more importantly the company.

 TTT for the MASK bumper becoming a permanent addition to the Octagon.

That would be fantastic. A fitting tribute to a pioneer supporter of our sport.

WEC had the same bumper last night.. very cool

When I saw the first photo I thought that kick was called a "mask bumper".

almost as great as the tributes to helio and carlson sr. I'm pretty sure they were important figures in the history of the sport.

Absolutely a huge thumbs up!

RIP Charles!