Mask gets whooped!



Notice the horse tatoo on his left deltoid.





I never noticed that, that's hilarious.

He's also one of the production managers on The Ultimate Fighter show. You can see his name during the credits.

 I never noticed it was him before either. lol.

Whoops you're right. Either way he's involved.

damn, he really needs to learn how to fight.

that 1st one with Baroni is definately Romo material

lol, it looks like baroni is forcing him to go down on him.

hes a wierdo anyways...make up???? cmon dude ur not a 17 year old goth..

Never noticed that.

The guy must be pretty damn savvy compared to how he comes across when "in character."

^^^zactly^^^^ kid is loaded these days and started in a garage. made a few enemies along the way but anyone that is successful will have to deal with that. what ever, he is smart AND weird.

 Same as TBidness, here; never really noticed that was him. Do know that he has trained and that he gets respect from ZUFFA. Good guy, imo.

 Dude is about his business... man!

I'm sure he gets a production designer credit considering all of the apparel on the show is Tapout.

He's the one who decided that JT should piss himself.

Never noticed that was him on the games either, pretty cool.

How many covers are any of you guys on? Carry on.

gorillagrappling - How many covers are any of you guys on? Carry on.

yup, I guess they called all teh haters first but they had somehting to do.