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Mass Destruction Fight Card
Consistently the biggest event that Massachusetts has to offer is taking place tomorrow night at 7:00 at the Avalon on Landsdown St in Boston, MA

What has improved about this show:

  • First and foremost the crowd will be limited. Rumor has it that the crowd will be limited to a number 300 less than the last Mass Destruction, so get there early

  • The fighters are as great as always, featuring Mike Varner, Rich Antonito, Ted Govola, Mandela Kponou, Randy "The Savage" Rowe and many more.

  • The fight is on Landsdown Street, and like last time gives a great opportunity for fans to make something of their night after the fight has ended.

  • THE FIGHT IS ON LANDSDOWN STREET meaning that women will actually show up. Even if you are a hardcore fight fan, it is nice to see female fight fans at the show as well.

  • This event offers a rare opportunity that no other MMA event has offered for some time... read below.

  • Where there's a Will... There's a way.
    As many of you already know, Will Murphy of the Central MA fighting club has gone through an incredible amount of personal difficulty and hardships over the past two weeks. For anybody who doesn't already know, Will lost his ten-month-old son last Monday and as a result of the medical expenses to attempt to save his son's life is now homeless.
    Read how to help

    Mass Destruction Card
    An updated fight card and information on This Saturday's event is at

    TTT for Mike Varner.

    Keep this at the top for awhile guys, seriously.

    What a tragedy. My goodness. Makes me wanna cry, that's the saddest shit I've seen in some time.

    TTT. Incredible Tragedy. Very sad story. The one thing that impresses
    me the most about the MMA community is its strong support of its
    brothers, no matter what Team they are on! This sport is great and so
    are most of the people within it. TTT for helping out Will Murphy!


    Renzo Gracie Association

    I can't even imagine being in Will's position. Please do whatever you can to help out.

    Out of all the sports I've been involved in (rugby, wrestling, baseball, wrestling etc), MMA is the most supportive community I have ever been a part of.

    ttt for Varner bringing this to the forefront.

    ttt for Kipp's event being a helluva place to make a donation.

    Chris "Biggie" Richard's Mass Destruction Preview is at

    As always - great write-up Chris.

    That is so sad.


    Casca Grossa just made a donation and will include in this week's newsletter to help get some more.


    TTT for all donations!


    For all your fight needs!

    Casca Grossa - For all your fight needs!


    Guys,Donating literally takes seconds through Paypal - it accepts checks, debit, and credit cards.Click Here to Donate via Paypal...and for those too lazy to click on the other links, you can hand a donation to anyone wearing a shirt tomorrow night at Mass Destruction - trust me, I'm easy to spot in a crowd.


    MassMMA - Local MMA News, Event Coverage, Interviews, and More


    Hell, donate two dollars - even that can help out!



    TTT Help out people it could happen or it can be any of us.

    Props tp Mike for being so generous.