Master Ace on Made

Muay Thai instructor Ace Ramirez is on the latest Mtv show Made. I only saw the commercial for it but it seems like some girl has low self-esteem and takes Muay Thai lessons to improve herself. Ace is a great intructor and the show should be good. I think its on Wed at 9:00.

Ace is a certified Fairtex instructor. That will be an interesting show to watch. Do you remember the name of the show ?

The name of the show is Made. The kickboxing part of the show is probably short because the commercial also shows her getting a makeover and other things. They probably just threw it in to get people like us to watch it.

I train BJJ at his school in Bergenfield, but I've been out for the past month because of an injury. That's pretty cool, I'll have to look for him.

Thanks for posting Mtv's "Made" Episode. It first aired last night May 5 and they will repeat it several more times. I am glad to have an opportunity to be asked by the producers to use my camp and feature Muay Thai in a mainstream format such as MTV and its benefits of training. I only had like 9 weeks with her and even then only 2 to 3 times per week mostly taking the group class and a handful of privates. She also had a week and a half break to stump her rhythm of learning. Although there were great parts, I beleive much footage was left on the editing floor - her starting points, frustration turning to determination and accomplishment in the "smoker". She lost 12 pounds and yes did fight and wasn't babied. Although the topic was supposed to be to get "ready" for some dance, personal talks with her seemed like it was more for the "bullying" at school and self improvement.

Hopefully other teens (She was 15) will pick up on the benefits from the show and share her experience. I hope the exposure will bring local youth to your camps. Please let me know if they do. I am in New Jersey and she traveled 40 minutes to train with me and the producers came from Manhattan.

By the way,I hear that her "bullies" at school are no longer giving her a hard time since her initiative to choose Muay Thai training. Good job Rachel.

Ace Ramirez

Seen it last night. Good to see someone get something positive out of training.