master tong spoiled that decision LOL

 lol that crafty little bugger walked over and peeked at the scorecards and then threw up his arms and walked away

i lol'ed

 yep saw that. Thanks tong!

 ttt for a gif

Love the haircut Phone Post

Watching Master Tong's theatrics is always a big plus whenever Faber fights.

Just rewound and watched. Lol. Phone Post

Oh yeah haha I laughed at that too. I saw that guy with Faber when I was on a cruise in Aruba. They were pretty cozy next to each other on the top deck.

fucking Master Tang


 we need a fucking GIF

sub for gif

in for eventual gif

dude reminds me of the the Asian guy in the Office, Hangover movies, etc.

TTT for a GIF

missed that. sub'd.

Gif? I don't want to have to fast forward through 2.5 hours on DVR to see it.

Subbed Phone Post


Gif please Phone Post