Mastering the bullwhip review?

Has anyone seen the tapes -- Anthony De Longis--Mastering the Bullwhip: Vol. 1& 2. If so would you post your thoughts on them? I don't want to drop the money unless they are good.

Thank you.

Sorry Double post.

I've seen them and personally I was very pleased. De Longis presents all the essential bascis necessary to learn how to use the Bullwhip. The rolling method that he teaches, keeps you safe while using the whip's natural design to do all the work for you. I watched tape one twice, then went in my back yard and practiced what I saw. It actually is quite an easy weapon to learn how to use. If you have any more questions, let me know.


great tapes - i learnt alot - i did however take several private with balicki on whip techs before i got the tapes

Thank you RDS and sreiter. I was very impressed with his coaching on Batman returns. The tapes look great, but I wanted to get some input before I spent the money. The cheapest I've seen them for is 29.95$ in the various magazines. Do either of you know of a cheaper place to get them? Also what do you guys have for whips? Thanx again.


i have a 6 foot nylon whip - paid $60.00

i have a 8 foot kangaroo leather whip - $300.00

the austrian whips are the best - do a google searh on whip - you'll find alot of cool stuff -

dog whip (3 to 4 feet) - are cool combat whips

look for tom meadows book and/or video's as well

I have several David Morgan whips. The videos that he sells are very good. They feature Alex Green.

the Sayocs also teach whip and has at least 1 or 2 articles on the whip on their site. they may have vids out or in the works. perhaps Guro Steven Lefebrve knows better?www.sayoc.comre: Tom "The Whip" Meadows - i recall reading some of his posts in the context of his experiences fighting Top Dog at the DB Gatherings. he mentions to the effect that it will get tiring to continuously establish your "bubble". also, in order to deal with Top Dog closing, a knife may be ideal hence latigo y daga.

sreiter, I have a twelve foot mexican whip. It has a hard wooden handle, but is only a 6 or 8 Plait. I'm going to start researching my next whip purchase soon, and I am ver interested in the Sjambok that is in my Cold Steel Catalog.e. Kaye, I checked out the David Morgan whips on the Indy Gear Website. They look great. Thanx for the tip.Stickgrappler, I've been to, but I missed the whip articles. Thank you for the tip. Have you worked with the sjambok at all?Thanx everyone.Seamus(edited for clarity)

i have no whip experience (yet). it's been awhile since i read the whip articles, but IIRC, handling the whip prepares/helps in knifethrowing, or at least for the Sayocs.

now some of my friends may say i'm "whipped" by my wife, but that's another story altogether :-)

David Morgan has his own website.

I have a short 36 inch sjambok. I was kind of disappointed. I expected it to do more damage to stuff I was hitting. Then I smacked myself with it. Big mistake. I want a longer one now.