Masvidal already making excuses?

Jorge Masvidal excited but wary of ‘adrenaline dump’ back in front of fans at UFC 261

“There’s going to be an adrenaline dump, so I’ve got to be ready to handle that, but I love it”

Or he’s just objectively saying there will be an adrenaline dump from the excitement of fan presence? :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:


Doesn’t sound like that to me

Always the cynic!

If anything the fans will negatively affect Usman because they will boo the fuck out of him during the grindy situations, which might force him to engage more out of ego. Last time, he couldn’t hear every one talking shit while he stomped feet.


This is a great point

Usman is Ice cold in the cage. Hes not the same guy in the cage as out of the cage, which is actually quite rare. Nornally people have the same “aura”. Usman doesnt. Bet da bank on Marty. Even a 4th round finish.

Masvidal was fighting in back yards for money as a teenager and had been a pro for forever. I’m certain “adrenaline dump” means something different for him than it does for me. Or for Aljo for that matter.

Well he definitely didn’t want Colby!