Masvidal predicting Woodley KOs Paul

would be great…but I kinda feel like Woodley will fail to pull the trigger again



I’d love to see it. Think it might too.

Masvidal looking for a Paul fight


Post-USADA Woodley may be much more aggressive and explosive, like post-USADA Silva.


age is undefeated friend. Even juiced up Mirko couldnt pull the trigger in the end

Sadly, Woodley is gonna be the one getting ko’d.

I watched the recent footage of him shadow boxing with White Chocolate and it doesn’t look good. He’s making a lot of beginner mistakes.

My feeling is he’s coming over to boxing with a chip on his shoulder and not putting in the right training due to his mma expierence. I doubt his ego will let him start over as a beginner putting in legit sparring rounds getting his ass kicked by nobodies in boxing- but that’s what he needs (not hitting fucking mitts and running track). I have a feeling he’s doing this for a check and thinks his mma expierence will get him through.


As much as I don’t like Tyrone , I hope he kos Paul . sadly I don’t think he will. But part of me hopes bc Woodley thinks Paul is beneath him skill wise , he will come out firing .

woodley is too small for jake .Why every fight either brother take with smaller guy ?

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I agree… or be paid to fail to pull the trigger.

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If it was bkfc woodley could do it in 10seconds, if the boxing gloves is big enough woodley will burn his muscles

Colby is pretty sure Woodley takes a dive for $$$$$.

Ah shit I misread & thought he was saying JP would win. I think Paul is going to win & it’ll look bad for Woodley. Would love to see that.

The fuck are you talking about? Mirko has 8 T(KO) and two subs in the last 12 fights of his career. Only one he didn’t finish was Roy Nelson who’s notoriously hard to finish.


He lost by TKO to Roy Nelson in his last UFC fight. Prior to that he got KO’d by Schub, no can defend. and in his fight with Mirrr i dont think he even threw a punch and got KO’d. Thats what the fuck I am talking about sir. Yea after he left UFC he probably juiced up and got some confidence. But Prime Mirko would have easily threashed Roy, Schub and Mirr without issue…he couldnt pull the trigger anymore in those fights.

I expect Jake to KO Woodley.

But I am rooting for someone to beat Jake, I just don’t think Woodley can do it. Prime Woodley could though.

10 fucking years ago. 10. He fucking destroyed gonazaga in his last ufc fight. Hit the gym and get a clue.

Masvidal has 80 IQ points if he’s lucky

Nah, they are teammates and he is helping with his social status to sell some tickets