Masvidal: UFC Is Trying To Sabotage Diaz With Last-Fight Booking



SABOTAGE ! Oes The Irony


UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal feels his former foe Nate Diaz is getting screwed over by the matchmakers with his upcoming fight against Khamzat Chimaev.

Diaz will face Chimaev in the UFC 279 headliner on Sept. 10. This is the last fight on Diaz’s UFC contract and he’s expressed little interest in re-signing with the promotion immediately following the upcoming fight.

The Diaz vs. Chimaev booking puts two of the biggest UFC fan favorites against one another in a five-round grudge match. Chimaev could potentially earn the next welterweight title shot with a victory.

But Masvidal feels that the UFC booked the Diaz vs. Chimaev matchup to spite Diaz amidst the drama between the Stockton star and the promotion.

Jorge Masvidal Echoes Narrative That The UFC Is Looking To Sabotage Nate Diaz

Image Credits: Josh Hedges/Chris Unge/Zuffa LLC

During a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Masvidal gave his take on the UFC’s matchmaking for Diaz’s last fight on his deal.

“They probably wanted to pair Diaz with somebody that stylistically is not the best when I think of what’s his face — fuckin’ Khamzat,” Masvidal said. “So they gave him a boring ass probably that’s probably just gonna try to hug his legs and sniff his crotch.”

Masvidal isn’t the only one who has criticized the UFC’s handling of Diaz’s final fight. While fans of both Diaz and Chimaev are excited about the fight, most feel that Diaz is being fed to an up-and-coming star unfairly as opposed to facing a proven veteran for his UFC swan song.

The odds are also heavily in Chimaev’s favor after he most recently defeated Gilbert Burns in a ‘Fight of the Year’ frontrunner at UFC 273. But, Chimaev went on to dismiss the odds and state that Diaz has plenty of elite experience to deserve more respect.

Despite some feeling uncomfortable with Diaz’s last UFC assignment, he’ll look to shock the world and take away Chimaev’s undefeated title at UFC 279.


Stupid, stupid whore hey.


I don’t get where this line of thinking comes from. Nate was practically begging to fight him.

MAY 2022

Diaz took to Twitter and stated that he’s been asking for a fight with Chimaev for “over a month and a half,”

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Jorge is mad because he didn’t get the fight. Lol at Khamzat being boring. He is more exciting than Jorge.


Jorge just mad all that fame and money he made for himself is about to go too Colby


Listen all y’all, it’s a sabotage
Listen all y’all, it’s a sabotage…



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I cant stand it…i know you planned it.


This is the fight it took Nate to get out his contract…all parties are happy.


100 %

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I agree

He’s right and if i owned a business that’s probably how I would try to handle a situation like that.

IMO Nate Diaz deserves to be in the hof for a lot of reasons . At the very minimum he won tuf. Is he already in there?

And wayyyy to many people consider him khabib #2 because he has that goofy facial hair and broken English similar to khabib.

No where near as technical, though.

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N8 via cardio

Everyone Jorge can’t beat are «borin». Blablabla «sniff crotch».

Hey Mas. Did you actually see him fight? You know with the record time finishes and that?

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As if Khamzat was somehow a lay’n’pray wrestler.

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