Masvidal Vs Easton

this is a fight i want to see.

both outstanding athletes, striking/wrestling ability


and ive competed against both....

Joe McFarlane


too different weight class. mike walks at 150 and fights at 145. Masvidal walks at 180 and cuts to 155

easton fights at 135 and masvidal fights at 170....

so how the fuck did they both end up fighting me?!!

just playing this was some years ago...when jorge was smaller..

if you trained/grappled both, who do YOU think would in an mma fight at a catch weight?

masvidal because he is bigger.

i would say their wrestling and grappling abilities are exactly the same.

it would come down to who is bigger stronger and hits harder.

Jorge fights at 170 and Mike fights at 145, right?

Both very good, but I think Jorge is just too big for Mike now.

Mike should be fighting in WEC.

jorge has fights at 155 and 170..i think he prefers 155 but don't hold me to that...maybe marcos or david can confirm that..ttt for gamebred!!

He's been fighting at 170 in Bodog.

i know that thanks

My pleasure :)