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Have a really cool opportunity to start a gym in my town for free and a pretty decent budget as long as I can justify the spending. Long story short, I’m helping a successful business owner and real estate guy with marketing and revamping his old school gym. There’s a big ass studio space that only gets used for old people classes twice a week.

I want to make that studio space a place for BJJ, MMA, & Striking. I know jack shit about mats or what to get.

I think we need to roll up the mats and move them to the side for the old folks classes though.

This seems like as good a resource as any. Help.

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We use dollamur flexi connect. They roll up so we can use the floor space and they are velcro’d together. I wouldn’t want to take judo throws on them every night but they’re fine for striking, rolling and light takedowns. Toes don’t get caught in the seams.

I’ve had them in a commercial location for 5 years, they get rolled and unrolled every day, sometimes multiple timed a day and only one small section of the velcro has pulled off but it hasn’t interfered with the function of it.

I have bought mats twice from them, once for home and once for the studio. Went pretty well both times.


Dollamur is a name I’ve heard before. I’ll check it out

Try for all your mat needs.


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I actually clicked the link but it looks like the running joke is no more :pensive: website didn’t work

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I’ve done gyms in Dollamur and Zebra, doing one in Fuji right now. All have been good so far


Dollamurs are nice. I have wrestling mats.