matchups I would have prefered...

...for entertainment/excitement value, of course:

J Lau vs Nate (duh)

Manny vs Matt (keep this one)

Gray vs Cole (more even match than Gray vs. Brandon)

Corey vs Brandon (No offense to Brandon, but I think this gives Corey the best shot at making it out of the round; Corey is someone, IMO, that should be invested in for his potential. Feeding Corey to Nate right now seems so wasteful when a matchup like that could be so much better in the finals with a more experienced/trained Corey)


i like the Lauzon-Diaz matchup but if ur gunna do it by ranks they would probobly be 1 and 2 Over all I like ur picks Id have tried to match as many of Penns against Pulvers Id have gone.Lauzon-Miller,Maynard-Hill,Manny-Wyman is good and then ud have Brandon-Diaz.Over all I had no problem with Danas picks except I wouldnt have matched Diaz and Hill against each other.Im suprised they matched Pulvers 2 top picks against each other