Matee Jeedeepitak Seminar

Just wanted to let you know that we brought Matee in to run a weekend seminar for 20 of us in Pittsburgh and it was phenomenol.

His ability to instruct and customize the techniques based on student ability level is incredible, and as a teacher and friend he is so energetic and inspiring. For those of you who do like to bring top Thai fighters in occasionally for seminars or fight preparation, he is second to none. PLEASE consider him in the future, because he is a valuable resource for those of us in the US.

Thanks to HeavyLeg on this board for his assistance in the planning and assistance over the weekend.

Matee loves to have a good time too, and is fun to hang out with after a hard day of training.

khap khun khup,

Matee is an awesome instructor and fighter I'm so lucky to have him as a trainer.TTT for Matee!!

The FUCK?!? PICS!!!!!!!!

KK - Don't I need a "Pro" account to post pics?

DR1 - Yes. Consider yourself one of the luckiest in America. I'll say the only other trainer I've learned as much from in just normal training sessions would be Bunkerd.

Favorite quotes of his while training would have to be:

"Too slow"

"Calm down...relax"

"Hahaha...back leg. Get up on your toe. No balance."

If you have a place you can post the pics on the internet, all you need to do is post the URL's. I will do the rest....


classic quotes he says all those to me every training session.

I know. Makes me wonder if there ever will be a time when I'm balanced, fast and doing everything right. Probably not. With a perfectionist like him though, that's great motivation to keep striving to impress him.

Maybe the next time I come up to train with him, we'll meet up.

LOL...also, if you are even remotely doing something right he'll say; "Better...Not Good." Meaning, you are doing it better, but you still suck :)

Pisand, I don't kknow if any of your guys do MMA, but he has been able to teach me stuff that works so well when dealing w/ all the "what if's" of being in a cage, ring, or having someone try to grab you. His clinch stuff is awesome too. Good stuff.

Angelo - You're so right about still sucking, but incrementally getting better.

His clinching is so amazing, when he would demonstrate on me, you would have thought we were doing aikido. I was horizontal, head-over-heels and 4 feet off of the ground. Glad I knew breakfalls. Now, he does outweigh me by 15 pounds, but he was doing pretty much the same thing to 190 pound guys. All leverage and timing. Beautiful to watch.


LOL...weight has nothing to do with it. He put me horizontal and knocked the wind out of me, and I out weigh him by 140 lbs!! Glad you guys had fun!