Dimensions of each mat: 1 meter x 2 meters x 40mm thick
Colour: Black

I have a number of reconditioned wrestling mats for sale. These mats are of the same high quality as the wrestling mats previously advertised, have a great surface for grappling and have only been used once (if that at all!)

Drop me an email if interested.

ttt for Brando.

I checked out these mats a few weeks ago and they are really good to roll on, very smooth surface ala Freestyle Wrestling mat covers. Also means that Boxing/Kickboxing is no problem as your foot doesn't sink/grip and cause knee problems etc. More than thick enough for throws etc.

If you're after mats, mail Brando.


Are they only available to view in Perth?



ps. Next week for the jigsaws I promise ;)

yo thanks for the ttt big G! Gimme a buzz when you get back dude!

The mats can be viewed in Perth and also in Newcastle (ala Luke Beston) so if you're real nice he'll let you play on them!



hipsbaby you have mail :)


What sort of gay name is hipsbaby??

What is this guard?

ttt for a price

I'm selling each mat for $160 and if you buy the whole lot I'll ship them for free. I've got 12 at the moment and getting another 8 real soon.

I'm willing to sell the mats off piece by piece but you'll have to drop me a mail with how many you're interested in for me to work out shipping.