Mats for sale

I am upgrading the matted area of my gym, so I have over 200 sheets of foam for sale. I have roughly 70 sheets 2” thick, 7’ x 3.5’. These are currently what we are using for our matted area, roughly 1600 sq.ft.

I have 50 sheets that are 2” thick, 6’x 4’, and I have 100 sheets that are 2” thick, 45” x 40”. These 100 sheets are brand new. I was going to use these to replace the current matted area, but I have decided to move towards other mats.

I am selling each sheet for $50.00 per sheet. I will sell them in any quantity, with anyone purchasing large quantity getting first dibs and a discount on the overall price.

I am located in St.Catharines, Ontario. Anyone interested in purchasing, or for more information, please feel free to contact me at, or 905. 329. 5425.

Thank you


I saw them when I was there last. They would be good for us except that they would need to be put down and picked up each class which would be a pain in the ass.

Are you going to use some for inside the Octagon, Rich?

What is the finish on them?


I am going to use a different system for the floor of the Octagon. Firmer so the footing is good for Thai Boxing as Roger is going to have some events also.

There is no finish to them. The base layer is 1 1/2 " of foam, the type they use for children's playground areas. Safety rated for a 9 foot fall. The top layer is 1/2" of high density foam.
We had these under a vinyl tarp, 18 oz vinyl like they use on transport truck covers.

We have used them for everything form grappling to MMA. They work very well. I am just looking to upgrade as I am expanding the gym again in preparation for finishing our Octagon. I know people are always looking for cheap mats so I thought I would throw this out there.





do the old mats have some kind of rubber top coat or are they just foam? also how did you keep them togeather.
Tks Craig.


The mats have no cover. We made a frame of 1x2's on the floor, placed the foam sheets inside, and covered the whole thing with a vinyl tarp.

They have never moved, the tarp is very strong, no wear or tear, and it is comfortable to roll on or do stand-up work.


Hey Rich.

Do you have Nick's phone #???? The last time I trained with those guys (a couple of weeks ago) they were mentioning they wanted/were looking for some mats.

I'll try to get him in touch with you, but I was thinking you might have his contacts etc. and drop him a line.



Hi Mike,

No I don't have his contact info. That would be great if you can get a hold of him.

On another note, I am in Las Vegas April 15 - 18. Perfect timing for the UFC. Are you going to be there?

Take care Mike,


I'm thinking of going down. I missed the last one and I wasn't very happy watching it on TV. Although I was able to drink a little more that night...

If the weather is getting better though I might be picking up my new bike and cruising home with it. We'll see.

I'll get Nick to contact you OK.