Matt Arroyo vs 250lb guy in Absolute divison

August 22 2009 at Copa Submission Tournament in Lakeland Fl.

Sweet scramble. Awesome job.

The guy he beat is a known forum poster.

Seen that guy roll before,he's got skills,you made it look easy.Appreciate the video

your welcome

TTT for Matt!

you armbarred zulu quicker than big nog did!

V. impressive!

Do you plan on returning to MMA at any point, or do you have any fights lined up?

did you see the size of the head of the guy in the blue shirt that shook Matt's hand? holy crap

TheTrain - did you see the size of the head of the guy in the blue shirt that shook Matt's hand? holy crap

 I know!  When he walked across the mat, it completely blocked the action!

Nice, mat.  I had turned around when you had the armbar locked in. 

Nice. Right when the vid started I said to myself Matt by armbar.

So what were you weighing going into this match Matt?

taylork3.....I have no fights lined up right now...I dont plan on returning to MMA until sometime in 2010. I partnered with my Instructor Rob Kahn on 2 schools and we are opening up 2 more very soon. Im staying busy working on my striking and Jits at all times tho.

The TRAIN;;;;;;I know, it is HUGE!!!!lol

Philip Graves>>>>> I walked in the tournament at 184 and thats what i also walk around at.

Great work Matt,guy must of had 65 pounds on ya!Technique wins over size in this one.

Love to see you back in MMA Matt. I appreciate watching the slick ground work and I'm glad to hear that you're still hungry to improve.

I like you guys when your on BTLS.

 is that rhadi?

nice match matt! always cool to see matches up like this bread and butter jiu jitsu - sweep to side control to armbar

Im pretty sure it wasnt Rhadi lol...but Rodney...maybe rhadi's little brother haha

Nic match Matt

Does Monsta ever wear a shirt?

he kinda looked like rhadi but if it was rhadi i think he would have thrown you pretty hard.