Matt better thab BJ ever could be

In 8 years 4 loses
41-4 overall
12-2 in UFC
well rounded

Ok this is for all you dumb asses that think just because BJ beat Matt the firt time he is better, Joe Loauzon beat Jens but he is not a better fighter.
Look at the track record

Matt beat GSP in first round BJ lost 3 rd DEC.

BJ 10-3-1 70% by finishing

Matt 41-4 80% by finishing Lost to Hallman in1998 and 2000 Landi-Jons in 2001 and BJ in 2004 4-loses in 8 years

Matts UFC record is better than BJ Matt is 12-2 in the UFC

BJ is great but he is falling to the level of Royce and Shamrock New fighters are more rounded like GSP and Diego so he needs to step up his training or go back and play on the island

I heard it's snowing in Montana.


Why is it so hard for people on this site to give credit where credit is do Matt lost to BJ in 2004 came back to beat him this time

Without a doubt there may be better fighters that Matt Hughes but name one in the WW UFC that has a proven better record of Performance or that has been the Champion and defended the title better than hughes has

Agreed^^^^ Well Royce won using BJJ Shamrock mixed BJJ and wrestlin its not 1993 the kickboxer doesnt fight the wrestler, the BJJ doesnt fight the Karateguy
It is Mixed Martial Arts meaning if a guy an expert at one skill figthing a that is average to above average in more than one skill most of the time the variation of skill will prevail

One lost to a guy doesnt mean anything
Silva just lost to Cro Cop but no one doubts he is one of the best in the world

Both Hughes and Penn or top Notch at 170 but i think from this point in Matts career he beats Penn 7 of 10

GSP is the only contender in the UFC at 170 that could possibly beat Hughes

Matt is legendary, like him or not.

I would like to see BJ fight through the ranks of the 170 class

just to see if he could actually dominate they way people think he could

Mayhem Miller

Out of 19 he would be lucky wo win 10

Not saying in his prime i am sayin right now

Agreed with Sabin alot of these guys could beat him

imo if matt was THAT much better he woulda won every round

He did win every round, except for the triangle/arm bar attempt and some good take down defense what did penn do plus i didnt hear and official judges results on the first 2 rounds

BJ is fantastic. He's among the best MMA fighters ever in terms of skill. His record and accomplishments are nowhere near how good he is.

"His record and accomplishments are nowhere near how good he is."

Funny how that works. It's awesome how Penn can be so much better than all the fighters that beat him.