Matt Grice v Ricardo Lamas UFC !

Grice is back! Grice IMO was a super super top prospect before he quit mma to go back to police work. Now is coming back to fight the super tough Lamas. Should be a great fight.

Super top prospect seems a little lofty. He went 1-3 in the UFC and his opponents were so-so. Props to him for beating a tough Dave Gardner, though.

I'll take Lamas by decision.

Ok, your prolly correct not a super top prospect. I guess at the time after the Jason Black fight I thought he was a really good up and comer. Also, back then the UFC's 155 lb division was not super deep.

Grice has been winning professional boxing matches lately.

This is weird, BoxRec has him listed as Donald Grice:

Oh, I guess Matt is his middle name.

That's him!