Matt Hamill movie??????????

So weird...came across this on Craigslist

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Date: 2008-04-16, 6:49PM PDT

I’m looking for a wrestling personal trainer to train me in preparation for an upcoming movie, HAMILL, based on the early life of current UFC fighter, Matt Hamill. This person must have an extensive wrestling background and train out of a gym and/or house (w/ a mat). Also, I live in Hollywood, so ideally the person must be within a 10-mile radius. In addition, if interested, you would also be considered for the wrestling stunt coordinating position for the movie as well. Feel free to contact me for further questions. this not weird?

starring Matt Damon ?

Sometimes people write books, make movies, etc about themselves way before they should, imo.

I think this is one of those things. If Matt Hammill was somehow the UFC lhw champion, it would be better to tell the story of him "rising to the top".

Yep. No movie. Just sweat and man on man contact in all likelihood.


The man who will be Hamill

Hi. I am co-starring in a major motion picture blockbuster biopic about Jenna Jameson. Currently I am looking for fit and attractive models in their twenties, with their own residence, no roomates and easy access to a freeway to help me prepare for my purely simulated sex scenes. Potential candidates will have the option of being cast as scene extras in this major motion picture blockbuster as well as per diem expenses.

contact me via

did Matt hear about this????

I thought this thread was about Matt's Porn movie he made with his GF.

Subtitles only?

j/k I'll be waiting in line to burn in hell for that one.

why not just use Hammill?????
and lol @ JudoMo

I'm glad to see that the story of his life hasn't fallen on deaf ears here in Hollywood.

[quote]JudoMo - did Matt hear about this????[/quote]

that joke never gets old

I just hope it'll be Close-Captioned.

Garret Morris will do the captioning.

^ LOL. Thats a slam dunk referance.