Matt Hamill TUF3 Future Star

He trains with us in Syracuse. He has crazy strength and he only goes 100%. It feels great to get dropped on your head from 7 feet up.

His Greco is his strongest point, but he's learning every day.


Yeah Matt has been training up at Tai-Kai Balance in Syracuse,NY. All the guys have been working wtih him> i have been showing him a lot of jiu-Jitsu and Dennis and RAY newkirk of Streetwise Gear has been working a lot of standup with him. His wrestling is awesome. He picks up jiu-jitsu really rally fast. He has only been trianing in it like 2 a week since August. He is a sponge and picks up stuff fast.

Also like Ryan said he is a great human being.

Ken Kronenberg

He will be at WFL April 1st if anyone wants to meet him

Matt was one bad mother.  He wrestled D3 and killed everyone his last 2 years.  His senior year one of my schools guys, Josh Dodd,was ranked second all year and went very well aginst DI guys. Matt dominated him and pinned him in the first round.  He is the real deal.

Well I looked at the bios and I now have to pick Matt Hamill as the guy I will cheer for this season.

How old is this guy? If he beat Kurt Angle, it must have been a long time ago?

Matt is 29 or 30

Matt was a Senior when I was a freshman in college. What I remember most from that year was when he pinned the returning national champ from Brockport. Eric Vaughn, the guy from Brockport was an excellent wrestler and Matt made him look foolish. He pinned him in less than a minute in the national finals. Two weeks before that he beat him by 13 or 14 pts in the conference finals, which was equally as impressive.

what is his record?
has he had any fights is he a ground and pound guy??
thanks for any info

I was so excited to hear that he was getting into MMA. He was such an awesome wrestler in high school and college. He also has a great personality. I was about 4 yers younger than him, and he often stopped to show me techniques at off-season tournaments when I was in junior high. He is a stand-up guy, and hopefully he will do well.

Matt beat Angle in '99, it wasn't in a tournament, but that doesn't really
make it any less impressive as far as I'm concerned.


I am on the Matt Hamill bandwagon. I have a soft spot in my heart for guys with speech problems, no matter what they are, or what they are caused from. I realize that his stems from the fact that he is deaf. He speaks very well for being deaf, compared to some deaf people that I have heard speak. I have volunteered at a local college, in their language and communications dept, to help with people that stutter. I really wish that I could make a difference in the life of someone that has a speech problem, whether it is stuttering, or caused by deafness, or whatever! I honestly want him to do well simply based on the fact that he is deaf. It is an added plus that he seems like a very cool guy, and trains with a very classy gym with Rich Franklin and the guys!

It reminds me of when I was in high school, and we wrestled in a tournament with a group of kids from ISD, and I secretly wanted them to all do well! lol

Ok, that is as sensitive as I get on ANY subject...back to Mr. Macho for me! ;)

Matt worked really hard to be able to communicate with the hearing community. He reads lips very well and speaks fluently. People that do not know Matt cannot tell that he is deaf until he is not looking at you and doesn't respond.


I really like this guy, while in vegas during the final selection process while we was going for our blood test, CAT scans etc Matt joined us most of the time for them as only a few went at a time.

Very cool guy and does lip read extremely well.

While a few of us was out getting something to eat after some kind of blood or urine test i was taking bit long to order my food so matt steps in front 'i'll take that, that and that' then looks at me and goes 'see, its easy man'

Very humble. Hope he does extremely well.

Go Matt.